Dr. Lorenzo Neilsen 1 Leawood, KS | S & G Family Dentistry, P.A. Read Transcript
Dr. Lorenzo Neilsen

Dr. Neilsen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where his interest in the medical field and motivation to care for others led him to pursue a career in dentistry. While growing up, Dr. Neilsen loved staying active and enjoyed spending time in the mountains year-round, whether running and biking on mountain trails in the summer or snowboarding and skiing on the slopes in the winter. After ...

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Dr. Lynne M. Schopper, DDS Leawood, KS | S & G Family Dentistry, P.A. Read Transcript
Lynne M. Schopper, DDS

Dentistry has always come naturally to Dr. Lynne Schopper. As the third child in a family of five, she took advantage of the unique opportunity to spend time with her father, Dr. George F. Schopper, by helping out in his dental office. At age 14, she began working in her father's practice as an assistant, receptionist, and lab tech – wherever she could be used. The invaluable experience she ...

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Dr. Jarrett S. Grosdidier, DDS Leawood, KS | S & G Family Dentistry, P.A. Read Transcript
Jarrett S. Grosdidier, DDS

Dr. Grosdidier aspired to be a dentist ever since he can remember. He grew up on a dairy farm in southeast Kansas, where he spent most of his time either working with his father and grandfather or practicing and playing sports. Although Dr. Grosdidier loved life on the farm, he knew that he wanted to become a dentist. He attended Kansas State University on a football scholarship, enjoying his ...

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Dr. Nancy Addy, DDS Leawood, KS | S & G Family Dentistry, P.A. Read Transcript
Nancy Addy, DDS

  In 1995, Dr. Addy delivered her first appliance to help relieve a patient’s snoring. This proved so successful that Dr. Addy started to treat more and more patients and soon realized what a valuable option Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) was to herself and her patients. In 2000, Dr. Addy joined the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, where she is now a credentialed Diplomate ...

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