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Choosing a family dentist is an important task. You care about the smiles of your family and want to make sure those smiles stay happy and healthy for a lifetime. So, why should you choose S&G Family Dentistry to care for your family’s smiles? Here are a few reasons to help you know that all your loved ones’ smiles will be safe with us.

You’ll Get the Latest in Dental Technology

New technology is coming out every day. It wasn’t so long ago that the flip cell phone was all the rage. Now, we are all walking around with small computers in our hand! The world of dentistry is not so different. New dental technology is coming out all the time, and we want to make sure that we make the best technology available so you can get the level of care you expect and need. One example of this is our digital X-rays. Not only are the pictures clearer and more complete (meaning we can diagnose problems faster and more accurately), but these X-rays do not expose your family to the high levels of radiation that traditional X-rays do. That is just one way we are able to improve your care and keep you safer all at the same time.

Your Comfort Is a Priority at S&G

Everyone needs to go to the dentist at least a couple of times a year, so we try to help you be as comfortable as possible while you are here with us. We offer various amenities to help everyone in your family have a good experience. From comfort options like pillows, blankets, memory foam chairs, and complimentary bottled water to private rooms, adjustable televisions, and sedation options, your whole crew is sure to feel comfortable during your time at S&G Family Dentistry!

You’ll Feel Like You’re a Part of the Family

A patient could expect from their first dental cleaning exam to get a thorough cleaning and a thorough exam, and really be around people who want to get to know you and really want you to become part of our family. Our hygienists are amazing, our assistants are awesome, and when we do exams we do a full head and neck cancer screening. That’s just looking for anything out of the ordinary. You go in to get your physical every year. A lot of people don’t do that, and a lot of doctors don’t look real closely at what’s going on. They don’t feel your lymph nodes in your neck, and so that’s something that we do. We do a full head and neck cancer screening. We look at everything.

Also we don’t recommend treatment that you don’t need. If we see something that is kind of on the borderline of a cavity that we’d want to fill and one that we could wait, if this is your first time in our office, we’re not just going to say, “Hey, let’s do the filling.” We’re going to say, “You know, this is kind of on the border. We don’t know how long this has been here. This is your first time here, so we’re going to wait. We’ll take x-rays in six months to a year and we’ll see if it’s progressing. If it stays the same then we’ll just keep watching it every six months when you come in. If it starts to get a little bit worse, then we’ll talk about if that’s something that we should take care of.”

It is always easier to go somewhere when you know the people there care about you. That is one thing that will never be in doubt during your time at S&G Family Dentistry. Our staff is wonderful at helping you feel like you are part of the family here, and that’s because as a patient, you ARE a part of our family. We want you to feel comfortable and cared for, and we will do all we can to make that a reality for you. We always make sure to run on time to make your visits convenient, but we allocate time to discuss your concerns and make sure we can provide you with the best care possible. Providing you with exceptional, trustworthy care is one of the reasons our team spends so much time training and learning about the latest, most effective techniques.

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