3 Blessings Of Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

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With the holidays almost here, you’re probably already stressed about how you’re going to handle another season all those festive gatherings. That’s because you have stained teeth, or a gummy smile, or you have embarrassing gaps, chips, or cracks you’d much rather hide.

Our team at S&G Family Dentistry wants you to know that you can go ahead and get those RSVPs sent out! This year, you can arrive in style with a gorgeous, confident smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry!

No matter what it is about your overall smile, your gums, or your teeth, our team of highly-trained professionals here in Leawood, KS can help you find solutions that will transform not only the way you look, but the way you feel about yourself. When you get cosmetic treatment with us, you’ll be able to face the upcoming season of celebration with a beautiful smile.  

Since the month of November invites us all to count our blessings, we thought we’d offer three more to add to your list. Today, we’re dedicating the blog to three blessings of cosmetic dentistry!

3 Blessings Of Cosmetic Dentistry

It might surprise you to discover that not every improvement you make with your smile has to come from a series of long, drawn out, complicated procedures. We have the technology, tools, and the professionals to offer you an array of cosmetic treatment, including some that are simple, comfortable, and affordable!

Blessing 1: A Whiter, Brighter Smile!

Have you ever succumb to temptation and bought one of those over-the-counter teeth whitening kits? If you have, we can understand why they’re so hard to resist. On the surface, store brands seem like the more convenient, cost-effective choice.

But in the long run, that’s not really the case. That’s because they don’t offer strong enough whitening agents to give you the kind of results you’re looking for. You’d have to keep buying and keep buying until you achieve noticeable results, and this is neither cost-effective or safe.

For a truly whiter smile, all you need to do is come to S&G Family Dentistry! Not only do you have the option of doing your treatment here in the office, you can also choose to be in complete control of your treatment with our take-home trays.

Blessing 2: A Beautiful, Balanced Smile!

Some patients complain of a “gummy smile” because when they smile, all you notice are their gums. Maybe you’re one of these people. If your gums draw all the attention to themselves, you may benefit from gum reshaping.

Using a state-of-the-art dental laser, our experienced team can carefully remove excess tissue so that more of your teeth will show when you smile. The laser allows us to perform this in a precise, comfortable way that renders dramatic results and requires less healing time.

Blessing 3: A Complete Smile Makeover!

Maybe you need more than one cosmetic dental treatment to correct your smile flaws. You can find a faster path to your dream smile with a total smile makeover!

At S&G Family Dentistry, you can sit down with Dr. Schopper, or one of our other talented cosmetic dentists, to talk about your goals and your budget. That will help us design a customized series of treatments to make it all happen.

Your smile makeover will be specific to your oral health and cosmetic needs so that, at the end of your treatments, you’ll look like a new and improved version of yourself and can enjoy a busy social calendar, no matter the holiday!

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation!

You’re counting your blessings this month, right? You no doubt have great family and friends somewhere on that list, which means in the near future, your kitchen counter will be a mess of holiday invitations!

Maybe during holidays past, you became pretty good at coming up with creative excuses to skip out on all the festivities. That’s probably because rather than endure a long night of camera-dodging or closed-mouth smiling, you decided to just stay home.

But with cosmetic dentistry at S&G Family Dentistry, you don’t have to do that anymore! You’ll have a smile you’ll actually want other people to see. Whether you whiten and brighten, reshape, or makeover your smile, you’ll feel much more confident this season thanks to the blessings of cosmetic dentistry!
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