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It’s no fun having a smile that you don’t like. Normally, you can use your smile to help communicate when you are happy, nervous, excited, and more. But when your teeth are damaged, stained, or otherwise unattractive, how can you feel good about smiling? But here’s the thing — those unsightly teeth will just get worse unless you do something about it.

Call our Leawood, KS dental office today at 913-945-1612 and make an appointment for dental veneers. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like this can do amazing things for your smile. And our Leawood dentists have the right combination of advanced training and real-world experience to help.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is For Everyone

There are people who think cosmetic dentistry is unimportant or even vain. However, improving how your teeth look with dental veneers can have a huge positive impact on your life.

If you have an unsightly smile, then you can rightfully worry about what other people might think. That means you can lose confidence talking to people, which can affect your career or schoolwork. Your self-esteem can also decrease because you know you don’t look very good.

But when you get dental veneers from our Leawood dentists, things change fast. They’re lifelike covers for the front of your teeth. They improve your smile as soon as they are placed. That means your self-esteem and confidence can go up as well.

Dental Veneers Came From Hollywood

But where did dental veneers come from? It might not be a surprise that actors started using them. Back when movies were a new thing, a lot of people had rough-looking teeth. Dentistry was still new back then, and these imperfections looked much worse on film.

Actors started using an early version of dental veneers, but there was a problem: They wouldn’t stay on teeth. They could be used for a scene or two, but then they would fall off. That meant these early veneers were pointless for everyday people.

Finally, an advance was made. Since painters scuff up walls so paint sticks better, dentists began gently and carefully scuffing up the enamel. This helped dental veneers finally stick. Today, modern veneers can last 10 years or so.

How Dental Veneers Help Your Smile

Because they are cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers will help your smile look amazing. Here are three specific ways your veneers will help improve your smile.


Decades of chewing food over and over again can lead to two problems. First, the biting edges of your teeth can start to wear down. (It’s not so much the food as your teeth grinding against each other when chewing.) Second, your teeth can get pushed apart, leaving you with tiny but noticeable gaps between your teeth.

By calling S&G Family Dentistry today, you can be one step closer to fixing both problems with dental veneers. Our Leawood dentist have the training necessary to know how to get veneers a little big in spots. Once placed on your teeth, they hide those worn edges and small gaps so your smile looks amazing.


There are two types of stains for teeth. Surface stains come from dark food and drink like chocolate, coffee, and wine. Intrinsic stains can be the result of medication side effects. Either kind will make your smile look worse.

This is why you need to call our Leawood, KS dental office today for dental veneers. They look like healthy enamel and are thick enough to hide all stains, surface or intrinsic. As soon as you get veneers placed on your teeth, your smile looks like it just finished a long teeth whitening treatment.


Chips, cracks, and similar damage aren’t just a cosmetic dentistry problem. They weaken the enamel protecting your teeth. And because you can’t stop chewing with them, that damage tends to grow worse over the years.

But when you call our Leawood dentists to get dental veneers, they will seal up the damaged spots. No one will be able to see them, but the veneers will also stop the damage from getting any worse.

Call us TODAY at 913-945-1612 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for dental veneers. Finally, you can get cosmetic dentistry to get the smile you deserve.

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