What To Do When Your Dental Restoration Fails

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Dental restorations are not designed to last forever, but they should last for many years. However, you can damage or have problems with fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, and more. Call our Leawood, KS dental office today at 913-945-1612 to make an appointment with dentists who can restore implants, replace fillings, and more. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that this problem will just get worse.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Your teeth are designed very specifically. They need to be strong and healthy so they can do their job. When you have problems like cavities or missing teeth, you need to restore those teeth to how they should be.

That’s what restorative dentistry does. Dental restorations include:

  • Fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canals

All these treatments restore your teeth to their original, healthy, and strong state.

Call us today to make an appointment for restorative dentistry. Our dentists combine years of experience with advanced training in dental restorations. They can help decide which restorative dentistry treatments are best for your individual situation and then restore your smile.

How Dental Restorations Can Fail

You use your teeth repeatedly every day. All that pressure from chewing food can eventually damage your dental work. Thankfully, our team can restore those treatments so your teeth are back to being strong and healthy very soon.

A Dental Filling Fell Out

Cavities happen when harmful bacteria grow out of control. They turn tiny particles of food and drink into acids that erode your enamel. These holes are called cavities. This weakens your enamel and can lead to painful chewing. A cavity that grows too big could require a root canal or a tooth extraction.

Dental fillings are usually used to repair cavities. Even the best filling won’t last forever, and they can fall out. That’s why you need to call S&G Family Dentistry today for an appointment. If your filling fell out, our team can use traditional, ceramic, or composite resin materials to replace it before bacteria get back in there.

A Dental Crown Is Loose Or Came Off

If a cavity is too big for a filling, or if a tooth has extensive damage, you might get a dental crown placed atop it. This cap holds a tooth together and protects it from further damage. Dental crowns are held in place by a strong adhesive, but like any adhesive, it can give out over time.

That’s why you need to call us at 913-945-1612. You can use a product called dental cement (found in most drug stores) to replace the dental crown temporarily. That only works for a few days. You need our highly trained dentists to either attach the crown or create a new one that fits better.

A Dental Implant Is Damaged Or Loose

Dental implants are great ways to replace missing teeth. In fact, it’s the closest you can get to regrowing a tooth. They normally last 20 years or more, but they can get damaged just like any of your teeth. Sometimes, the dental implant gets loose. Other times, the replacement tooth itself is damaged.

Either way, call our Leawood, KS dental office today for an appointment to restore that dental implant. Our dentists have the training needed to know when to only replace the replacement tooth or when the whole thing needs to be redone.

A Tooth That Had A Root Canal Is Hurting Again

When a tooth gets infected, it hurts a lot. Worse, it can destroy that tooth. Root canals are used to remove the infection and keep the tooth alive and pain-free. Almost always, they do their job. However, there’s a very small chance that the infection reappears, making that same tooth hurt again.

That’s when you need to call S&G Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment for root canal therapy. Our dentists have many years of experience and training in root canals. They can carefully remove the infection that came back so you’re pain-free.

Call us TODAY at 913-945-1612 or use our convenient online form to make an appointment to fix your dental restorations. Nothing lasts forever, so dental restorations can fail even without accidents or injuries. Thankfully, our dentists can correct such problems and help your smile work like it should.

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