Don’t Worry, Fluoride Is Still Safe And Great For Your Teeth

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Over fifty years ago, fluoride was proven to be safe and good for your teeth. That’s why so many communities started adding fluoride to tap water. It’s also why you can get fluoride treatments at our Leawood, KS dental office.

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Fake News About Fluoride

You’ve probably heard about the fake news problem these days. It’s not anything new, but it does seem worse these days. It’s just so easy to spread information (true or false) across the internet.

That’s probably why there’s been a resurgence in fluoride misinformation and false stories. This isn’t just a few weird people saying fluoride is an evil government plot. It’s memes and entire websites saying fluoride is poison, unnatural, or worse.

Thankfully, trained dentists know differently. That’s why you can get fluoride treatments at our Leawood, KS dental office. It’s also why the American Dental Association recommends fluoride toothpaste and water fluoridation.

The Dental Benefits Of Fluoride

But why is fluoride so recommended? Because it helps your enamel.

Your teeth are covered by enamel. It’s what protects your teeth and gives them the biting and chewing power you need to eat. When your enamel is weakened, that’s a problem. Cavities and erosion can make your tooth hurt or even break.

Fluoride helps protect your teeth in several ways.

  • With children, fluoride strengthens their adult teeth before they even come in.
  • Fluoride helps your enamel resist damage like cavities and erosion.
  • It can even repair microscopic damage already present in your enamel.

In other words, fluoride makes your teeth stronger. That’s why it’s in toothpaste, dental treatments, and even many sources of tap water. Just like we’ve added iodine to salt and vitamin-D to milk, we’ve added fluoride because it’s better for us.

Fluoride Truths You Need To Know

Too much fluoride can be harmful

If you were to take way too much fluoride, it can hurt you. The most likely problems will be fluorosis. This is when your teeth get little white flecks inside the enamel. It’s not dangerous, but it doesn’t look great either.

But almost everything is harmful when you take way too much. Too much vitamin-D causes vomiting and kidney problems. Heck, too much water causes overhydration and could lead to a coma. The amount of fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water is safe for older kids and adults.

The fluoride treatments at our Leawood, KS dental office is stronger, but that’s why only highly trained dentists are allowed access to it.

Fluoride is natural and can be found in drinking water naturally.

No, fluoride is not a scary, man-made chemical. It’s a mineral just like potassium or iodine. In fact, fluoride is naturally found in drinking water around the globe.

In fact, that’s how people got the idea that fluoride was good for teeth. People who had no fluoride in their well water had more cavities than those whose well water had natural fluoride in it. After researching for many years, scientists discovered how fluoride repairs damage and strengthens enamel.

Fluoride comes in many forms, but the kind used by dentists is safe.

A few memes and websites say fluoride should be banned because it’s used in rat poison. The truth is different.

Chlorine is a toxic chemical used in cleaning pools. Yet you happy eat chlorine in a different form: table salt, or sodium chloride. That shows a small change can turn a substance from bad to good. The same is true with fluoride. Rat poison uses a type of fluoride compound named FCH2CONa.

Fluoride in dentistry (and tap water) is either H2SiF6 (fluorosilicic acid) or Na2SiF6 (sodium fluorosilicate). Both are perfectly safe because they’re very different from the other version. As with chlorine, that small change makes a world of difference.

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