Full-Mouth Reconstruction Could Restore More Than Your Smile [VIDEO]

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People put their teeth through a lot over a lifetime.

We use them on a daily basis to bite and chew. Sometimes we use them to open things or hold things. Sometimes, we injure our mouths and end up losing teeth in the process. The same can happen if we don’t care for our teeth like we should.

Fortunately, we can offer full-mouth reconstruction for our patients in and around Leawood, KS. Dr. Lynne Schopper explains in the video below how this procedure can address some of the most complicated problems in restorative dentistry.

If you need to replace missing teeth or rebuild teeth that you still have, then we encourage you to visit S&G Family Dentistry. Call 913-945-1612 or contact us online if you want to learn more about what full-mouth reconstruction could do for you.

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