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Say “orthodontics,” and most people think of braces. That’s fair because traditional metal braces are very common and have been used for years to straighten teeth.

However, there’s a different kind of orthodontic treatment available that can do much more than give your child a straight smile. Dentofacial orthodontics can do that as well as change the structure of your child’s face.

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What Is Dentofacial Orthodontics?

This is an orthodontic treatment, so it will give you straight teeth. But dentofacial orthodontics is much more than that. Especially with children, it can lead to significant and even life-changing results.

Getting a full set of adult teeth is never perfect. It’s very common to have at least a few problems, such as crooked teeth, ones that are turned the wrong way, or even a jawbone that doesn’t allow you to bite down correctly. That’s why braces and other orthodontic treatments exist.

Dentofacial orthodontics moves the teeth and the jawbone they’re attached to. Although adults can get this treatment, it’s really helpful for children. It’s recommended that kids visit a dentist who understands orthodontics by seven years old. That’s because the jawbone and related bones are still growing and can be more easily redirected and moved. This treatment often uses expanders and similar orthodontic appliances.

Dentofacial Orthodontic Benefits For Your Kids

Here are some of the benefits your kids can enjoy from dentofacial orthodontics.

Skipping oral surgery

If there is a problem with your child’s facial bones later on in life, the only way to correct that is through oral surgery. However, you can avoid this with dentofacial orthodontics. Because your kids’ bones are still growing, they can be guided to grow a certain way. This can alleviate the need for surgery.

Improved facial appearance

If the jawbone does not grow correctly, your child’s face can look different. After all, your jawbone and related bones are what gives shape to the face. Because dentofacial orthodontics can affect those bones, it can also improve the structure of your kids’ faces.

Healthier teeth and jaw

Dentofacial orthodontics still gives your child straight teeth, which improves the health of those teeth and the jaw. Crooked teeth can lead to irregular worn spots in enamel that weaken teeth. And if you children’s bite does not close properly, this can lead to jaw joint pain and TMJ disorder.

Making room for adult teeth

You children’s adult teeth seem to come in on their own time. They also follow the baby teeth for figuring out where to appear. That can be a problem if your kids’ teeth are crooked. Dentofacial orthodontics can make sure there’s enough room for those adult teeth to finally come in.

That’s why you need to call S&G Family Dentistry today at 913-945-1612 and schedule an appointment. Because our dentists are highly trained and experienced, they can help explain how your child’s smile and face can benefit specifically from dentofacial orthodontics.

Dentofacial Orthodontics’ 2 Phases

Since every child is unique, our dentists will start with a thorough dental exam including digital X-rays. Using that data, our team will create an individualized plan to help your children. That said, most people will encounter two phases of their dentofacial orthodontic treatment.

In Phase One, the goal is to control the growth of bone tissue and the loss of your kids’ baby teeth. This can include orthodontic appliances such as:

  • Lip bumpers
  • Lingual archers
  • Expanders
  • Space maintainers

Phase Two starts once the adult teeth finally start to appear. Here, our dentists will use braces and related treatments to guide those adult teeth to their proper position and angle.

As with traditional braces, dentofacial orthodontics can take a few years before it’s complete. But given how it can lead to a better and healthier smile, this is definitely worth it.

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