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Why waste time and money trying fix problems with your smile using overly intense or ineffective methods? Dental veneers can solve many of your minor cosmetic dentistry needs in no time at all. Let S&G Family Dentistry show you how.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front side of your tooth or teeth. They cover any esthetic issues you may have with your smile. A popular way of describing veneers is to think of them like fingernails for your teeth. Veneers can not only improve the look of your teeth, but they also help strengthen them after they have been damaged. This means veneers have both cosmetic and restorative dentistry value. Dental veneers can give your smile an instant boost and protect it from further damage.

Top 5 Things Dental Veneers Can Do for Your Smile

Now that you know what dental veneers are, let’s take a look at what dental veneers can do. While dental veneers are a simple fix, they have a long list of possible uses when it comes to helping your smile be as good as it can be. Here are five ways dental veneers can help your smile.

  • Hide Chips – Chipped teeth are not the end of the world functionally for your smile, but they can have a dramatic impact on the look of your smile. Dental bonding can be a cheaper option to correct chips, but it is less durable than dental veneers. If you want a fast, effective, and lasting solution to your chipped tooth issue, dental veneers are your only real choice.
  • Cover Cracks – Once you crack your tooth, the chances of the crack worsening into a break rise dramatically. The structural integrity of your tooth is now compromised, and it needs to be supported to protect against further damage. Mild to moderate cracks will also leave a visible line on your tooth. This line may darken and negatively impact the look of your smile. Not only will a dental veneer cover the line and help your tooth look its best, but the veneer will also support your tooth and keep it from cracking further. By bonding to the front, the dental veneer will hold the tooth in place and give you the confidence to live without worry of future injury.
  • Improve Misshapen Teeth – Your teeth are supposed to look relatively uniform. What we mean is that they all should be shaped a certain way, but like all things in life, that is not always how it works out. Sometimes your teeth are misshapen. Call it bad genes, bad luck, or bad karma, but whatever it is, it is a real problem. Orthodontic treatments are able to correct crooked teeth, but misshapen teeth are immune to the corrective effects of these treatments. Dental veneers give you an option to reshape your tooth and make it blend in perfectly with your other teeth.
  • Fix Gaps – There is no reason to spend years dealing with an orthodontic solution to fix a small gap in your teeth when you can correct it using dental veneers in a mere fraction of the time. You may have an otherwise perfect smile but have a small gap that needs to be closed. Don’t waste time and money fixing a small problem with a big solution. Dental veneers can be made slightly wider than your teeth and placed around the problem area. This will leave your smile looking great, and you won’t have to disrupt your other teeth to do it.
  • Cover Stains – Dental staining is normally treated with professional dental whitening, but not all dental stains are created equal. Some stains are resistant to the bleaching effects of dental whitening. This is where dental veneers come in. Veneers are able to cover the problem teeth and return your smile to all of its former glory in no time.

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