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A smile full of crooked teeth is almost expected in young people, but not in adults. That’s because so many people get braces when they are younger. But adults can easily have crooked teeth, too. And when they’re crooked, you can be facing problems like worn enamel and TMJ pain.

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Why Adults Can Have Crooked Teeth

There are several reasons why you might have a crooked smile as an adult.

Your Teeth Never Stop Moving

Your teeth aren’t going to move a lot, but they are also not locked in place. Even if you had orthodontics when you were young, you can have crooked teeth now because of that. All the pressure from chewing food over and over again for years can nudge your teeth out of their proper position and angle.

Injuries & Accidents Can Move Teeth

You cannot predict accidents or sports injuries. That means they can happen when you are unprepared. When this happens, damaged teeth can be knocked out of alignment and look crooked.

You Never Had Braces As A Teen

Not everyone gets braces. Some families cannot afford it at the time, and some people’s teeth are not crooked enough to warrant getting orthodontic treatment. These people tend to notice their teeth have grown more crooked over the years.

Why Invisalign Is A Smart Choice For Adults

Invisalign is not braces, but it is an orthodontic treatment. It’s a series of clear, plastic trays that you wear over your teeth. They’re shaped specifically to gently guide your teeth where they should be, and this is done without any metal. That’s reason alone why so many adults prefer Invisalign, but here are some more reasons.

1. Invisalign is almost invisible when worn.

No one wants to have a “braceface,” least of all adults. The metal just stands out too much on your teeth. And when you’re adult, you don’t look younger — you either look odd or even immature.

Thankfully, Invisalign is made from clear plastic. When worn over your teeth, people would have to stand very close to you in order to see your orthodontic treatment. The rest will likely never know you have Invisalign.

2. Invisalign does not have any food restrictions.

When you wear braces, you have to be careful about what you eat. Some foods like pretzels or bagels are too tough and can damage your braces. Other foods like caramel or gum are too sticky and can get trapped up against your teeth, leading to a higher risk of cavities.

Invisalign is very different because, unlike braces, you can take them out whenever you want. You still have to keep the aligners over your teeth for the most part. But you can take them out, eat, brush, and put them back in.

3. Invisalign is much more comfortable.

Metal brackets and wires that come with braces do a good job of realigning your teeth, but they are not very comfortable. You get used to it for the most part, but they can always cut the inside of your mouth from time to time. And if you get hit in the mouth while wearing braces, it could really hurt.

That’s where Invisalign has the advantage. The aligners are made from a smooth plastic. There’s literally nothing to cut the inside of your mouth. Besides that, they are much thinner than braces and will feel better.

4. Invisalign can be done in one year.

All orthodontic treatments take a while to move your teeth, but braces can take 2-3 year on average. That’s 2-3 years of visits, food restrictions, and so on. But Invisalign can do a faster job. Many people are done with Invisalign in just one year.

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