Popular Drinks To Avoid For Healthier Smiles

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No matter what size your family, you are responsible for your family’s dental care. It’s not like kids can make an appointment at our Leawood, KS dental office without you. It’s also because children can have trouble knowing what’s healthy or not for their teeth.

Unfortunately, that’s true for many parents as well. Sure, avoiding sugar is in there. But did you know acidity can be a big problem too?

Call S&G Family Dentistry today at 913-945-1612 and schedule dental cleanings and dental exams for your whole family. Everyone needs these twice each year to keep their teeth and gums healthy. But that’s not enough — there are things you need to do at home.

4 Ways To Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy

When it comes to protecting teeth, there are four things you need to be concerned about for your family:

  • 1. Brush twice each day and floss once before bed.
  • 2. Limit how much sugar and carbs everyone eats.
  • 3. Wear an athletic mouthguard when playing contact sports.
  • 4. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Popular Drinks That Can Hurt Your Teeth

How can drinks hurt your family’s smiles? There are three things to look out for:

  • Sugar: Everyone knows this is bad for your teeth, but be careful. Some drinks have sugar in them that you wouldn’t expect.
  • Carbohydrates: Because carbs are packed with energy, they can be about as bad for your teeth as sugar.
  • Acid: When you drink something acidic, it coats your teeth and begins to erode your enamel.

Although water should be the drink of choice for people, it’s hard for people to only drink water when there are so many more exciting choices out there. However, some are a lot worse than others. Here are some drinks you should either limit or cut entirely to help keep your family’s smiles healthy.


Since this drink does not have any sugar, many people mistakenly believe diet soda is good for your teeth — or at least not harmful. The problem is that all soda is highly acidic. It’s put in there on purpose to make sure soda isn’t overly sweet. However, acid will erode your enamel and weaken your teeth. A tooth submerged in diet soda will eventually dissolve.


Sugar is bad because the bacteria behind cavities and gum disease thrives on that stuff. But carbohydrates are very similar to sugar and can let bacteria multiply as well. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s in almost all sports drinks. They’re full of carbs so athletes can get energy back to play more. Drinking sports drinks a lot of the time can lead to more tooth decay.


These drinks are all over the map. Some are filled with sugar to give you a quick boost of energy. Others are full of carbs for longer-term energy. Still more are very acidic, and like diet soda, they can damage your teeth. Be sure to read the ingredient list carefully.


While it’s true that fruit juice has vitamins, it’s also full of sugar. And natural sugar is about the same as fructose or corn syrup when it comes to letting those bacteria thrive and cause cavities or gum disease. In addition, fruit juice is highly acidic. When it comes to your family’s teeth, fruit juice really needs to be an occasional treat.


While young kids probably aren’t drinking tea or coffee, many middle and high school students hit the coffee shops regularly for a latte or something similar. That can be a problem for their smiles. Many popular tea and coffee drinks are packed with sugar — they’re practically milkshakes with caffeine. Even if there’s no sugar, both are highly acidic and can damage teeth. Last, both drinks will slowly stain teeth and make their smile look dark and dingy.

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