Tips For Staying Calm During Dental Emergencies

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If you have a dental emergency like a chipped tooth or one that was knocked out, call our Leawood, KS dental office immediately at 913-945-1612. You can normally be seen the same day you call. Our team has helped many people over the years get through a dental emergency and repair the damage.

Two Ways To Stay Calm In A Dental Emergency

It’s one thing to know you should stay calm during an emergency. It’s another to be able to do that. When it comes to dental emergencies, here are the two biggest tips for how to stay calm.


You need to call us when you face a dental emergency so we can see you as soon as possible. But an emergency is no time to wonder what our phone number is or where it can be found. Create a new contact in your phone named “S&G Family Dentistry” and add 913-945-1612.

This way, you know just where to find our number when you need it most. Not having to scramble for who to call will definitely help you stay calm.


Most homes have some sort of first aid kit, even if it’s just some bandages and gauze. You can easily make your own dental first aid kit at home.

First, get a small container. Write “Dental Emergency Kit” on the top. Then put in the following items:

  • A tiny container with a liquid-tight lid
  • Non-aspirin pain relievers
  • Sterile gauze
  • Plastic gloves
  • Dental cement (found in drugstores)
  • Our address and phone number (in case your phone dies)

When complete, make sure everyone in your home knows where this is kept. This way, you can stay calm knowing that you have help should a dental emergency arise.

Handling Specific Dental Emergencies

While even our highly skilled dentists cannot predict every dental emergency, there are some that we’ve seen repeatedly. Here are some tips for how to stay calm during specific emergencies.

However, you should always go to the emergency room immediately if you are bleeding and cannot stop it. That’s always your first priority.

A tooth has come out.

Get the lost tooth and hold it by the crown (the part you normally see). Gently rinse it in water and try to place it back where it belongs. If it won’t stay there, put it in a container with just enough water or milk to cover it. Then call us immediately at 913-945-1612 for an emergency appointment.

A tooth is loose.

Do your best to leave it alone. The more you check how loose it is, the more likely it will fall out completely. Take non-aspirin pain relievers as necessary, and stop any bleeding with direct pressure. Then call our Leawood, KS dental office for an emergency appointment.

A tooth was chipped or cracked.

Even if there is no pain, you need to call S&G Family Dentistry immediately if you have a chipped tooth. Any accident strong enough to break enamel could leave behind damage deep inside the tooth that you cannot see. If you are bleeding, use direct pressure to stop it.

A toothache has grown too painful.

Sometimes, a tooth that hurts on occasion can suddenly become very painful. Call us immediately and explain what happened. Take non-aspirin pain relievers or use cold packs to manage the pain until it’s time for your emergency appointment.

A dental crown or dental filling fell off a tooth.

Get dental cement (available over-the-counter at drugstores). If you lost a filling, use the dental cement as a temporary filling. If you lost a dental crown, use dental cement as an adhesive to stick that dental crown back where it belongs. Both uses are only temporary, lasting 24-48 hours. That’s why you’ll need to call our Leawood, KS dental office as soon as you can.

If you are having a dental emergency, call us immediately at 913-945-1612 for an emergency appointment. Our office can almost always see you the same day that you call. And if you’re having trouble staying calm, call us so we can help.

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