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You only get one smile in your lifetime, so don’t let anything happen to it. Keep your smile safe with preventive care at S&G Family Dentistry. Our Leawood, Kansas dental office is always open to you.

What are our general dentistry services?

General dentistry is the kind of dental care that everyone, even those with perfect teeth and dental habits, need. This encompasses the preventive aspect of dental care, where your smile can get the regular maintenance it needs to remain bright and brilliant. General dentistry includes treatments like regular dental cleanings, dental exams, and gum disease treatment. Our trusted Leawood, KS dentist here at S & G Family Dentistry can also treat dry mouth, bad breath, and even provide you or your kids with custom athletic mouthguards.

Dental exams and cleanings

By coming in for your dental exams and cleanings, you can prevent small issues and keep them from becoming big problems. Aside from examining your mouth for problems, this is our chance to thoroughly and professionally clean your mouth. No matter how good you are at brushing and flossing your teeth, you will always miss something. It isn’t your fault; there are just some areas in your mouth that you physically can’t reach. Professional cleanings will clear those areas and all areas of plaque and tartar, keeping your mouth safe from gum disease and tooth decay.

Treating gum disease

Gum disease is a problem that affects millions of people and occurs when the gums are swollen, tender, or bleeding. More than 50 percent of Americans will struggle with gum disease in their lifetime. We use scaling and root planing to clear the bacteria from your mouth and help prepare the area for new gum growth. We also offer laser gum disease treatment to painlessly remove plaque and tartar buildup, special mouth rinses, and an antibiotic regimen you can use to clear the infection in your gum tissue. Talk to your top-notch Leawood, KS dentist here at S & G Family Dentistry about which general dentistry option or options will work best for you.

Resolving your bad breath, chronic dry mouth

There are a few things that could be causing your bad breath (also known as halitosis). We will help you identify what that cause may be, whether hygiene related, lack of saliva, or some other cause, and we will help you find a solution for your problem.

Dry mouth can cause bad breath, and it can even lead to tooth decay. It is a common problem for many older adults. It may be caused by a medication that you are taking or a health condition, or it could be as simple as dehydration. Start by drinking the recommended amount of water per day, and ask us how fluoride treatments or other solutions can help relieve your dry mouth.

Protect teeth with mouthguards

Mouthguards protect your teeth from injury, keep your jaw intact, and protect your teeth from injuring your lips and chipping other teeth in your mouth. They also have been shown to lessen the likelihood of a concussion. S&G Family Dentistry can create a custom athletic mouthguard for you or your child, whether for school sports or just riding bikes around town.

Take care of the smile you have and the smiles of your loved ones. Call our Leawood, KS dentist office today at 913-945-1612.

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