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In the United States, sports is life for many families. Whether it is football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, volleyball, or soccer, millions of families invest massive amounts of time and resources into playing these sports. One investment in these sports that is sometimes overlooked is the protective dental equipment that each player should be wearing. A common athletic mouthguards can be purchased for a few dollars at any drugstore, but a quality mouthguard could mean the difference between a great smile and one that you need to fix. Don’t let a few dollars stand between you and the protection your smile needs. The dentists at S&G Family Dentistry can give you a custom athletic mouthguards that will keep your teeth and your entire mouth safe from injury.

What Mouthguards Do

Mouthguards are required protection equipment for many of the sports we mentioned above. In football, you can get a penalty if you don’t have your mouthguard in before the play starts. Mouthguards are invaluable as far as saving your teeth from catastrophic damage during competition or any athletic activity. They keep outside objects from striking your teeth and causing damage. They also protect your teeth from injuring each other during the game. S&G Family Dentistry can provide you with a mouthguard that will give you superior protection versus the store-bought brands that will do only what is required to play the game.

Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard

Tooth Protection – Mouthguards are able to protect your teeth from damage. They shield your teeth from outside objects that may damage your teeth, and they also shield your teeth from each other. Your enamel is as hard as concrete, and if you grind your teeth together in a fall or similar accident, you could chip other teeth. Mouthguards prevent this by placing a smooth plastic barrier between them.

Gum and Lip Protection – This type of prevention is important for everyone, but especially for players with braces. Instead of having your metal brackets exposed and more likely to injure the soft tissues inside your mouth, your braces will be safely behind the soft plastic of your mouthguard where they can’t hurt anything.

Concussion Suppression – A more recent discovery concerning the benefits of athletic mouthguards is a decreased chance of concussion. By spreading the force of impact across the length of your mouth, the force is lessened. This means less of a chance of head injury.

How Do I Get a Custom Mouthguard?

Ready to feel confident and play fearlessly? Make sure you are fully equipped for your game with an athletic mouthguard from S&G Family Dentistry. Start by calling our Leawood, KS office at 913-945-1612 to schedule your appointment, or use our online form. We will take dental impressions and match your custom athletic mouthguards to your exact bite. Because we make custom mouthguards here in our office, you’ll be ready to play in no time.

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