Oral Surgery

Get Your Healthy Smile Back with Oral Surgery in Leawood, KS

Oral surgery at S&G Family Dentistry can give you back your healthy mouth and smile. For years, the people of Leawood and surrounding areas have trusted Dr. Lynne Schopper and her team for oral surgery. Here a few of the reasons our patients place their confidence in us:

  • You’re family. We’ve always considered our patients members of our family. So we pledge to treat you with integrity and give you the highest level of service. We’ll work our hardest to give you back the smile you’ve been missing.
  • Comfort and convenience. We want you completely relaxed and at ease during your procedure. We’ll use anesthesia to numb the area we’re working on, plus we have private patient areas, TVs, comfortable pillows, and warm blankets for you to use.
  • Our team has the years of in-the-trenches experience necessary to perform your procedure with expert skill. Dr. Schopper has been inducted into both the International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists. Plus, we offer the latest technology, like our onsite CBCT scanner, so that we can restore your oral health as easily, comfortably, and safely as possible.

Call our Leawood dentist office today at 913-945-1612 if you have any questions about oral surgery. We’ll schedule a comfortable, no-hassle consultation for you.

Benefit From Oral Surgery in Our Relaxed Office

Our experienced staff is always working to help you maintain optimum oral health and give you the best and brightest smile possible. We will recommend oral surgery only if we feel it is the best option for you. Oral surgery can:

  • Provide pain relief by extracting a damaged or diseased tooth.
  • Prepare your mouth for dental implants with a ridge augmentation procedure or a bone graft after extraction.
  • Prevent possible dental problems by removing wisdom teeth.
  • Protect your healthy teeth from damage.

Don’t put off restoring your oral health and getting your smile back. See how easy oral surgery can be. Call our office today and schedule a consultation at 913-945-1612.

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