Oral Surgery

Do you need a Dental Service? How about a tooth removed? Maybe you would like dental implants, but your bone mass is too low? Whatever the case may be, oral surgery from S&G Family Dentistry can give you the solution to your problem.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery may be recommended when less invasive techniques have not or will not be effective in your situation. Dr. Schopper and all the dentists at S&G Family Dentistry will always strive to treat your problem with the least invasive means available. However, some problems have no alternative treatments, while others need a more in-depth approach. Oral surgery in Leawood, Kansas aims to keep your mouth healthy and fully functional. Our team has both the training and experience needed to ensure your safety and to minimize any discomfort or anxiety.

What oral surgery procedures do you offer?

Oral surgery techniques include the following procedures:

Tooth Extractions – S&G Family Dentistry can perform single tooth extractions right here in our office. More complicated cases, such as wisdom tooth extractions, are referred to one of our trusted partners. We are always concerned with your level of care, and by referring you to a specialist, we can assure that you are getting the proper care your situation requires.

Ridge Augmentation – Deformities in the ridge of your mouth (where your tooth sockets are at) can leave you with a compromised ability to receive tooth replacements. A ridge augmentation will fix those ridge deformities and make your tooth replacement procedures possible.

Sinus Lift – A lack of bone structure in the upper part of your jaw can make implant placement risky or impossible. If that describes your situation, you may need a sinus lift. This procedure will help you get the bone mass you need to support dental implants.

Gum Graft – Gum recession due to gum disease, tobacco use, or other problems can be treated with gum grafting. We will take healthy gum material from one place in your mouth (normally the roof) and move it to another area to stimulate new gum growth. After your gums have healed, your smile will look much healthier and much more balanced as well.

Bone Graft – This procedure is used in ridge augmentation and sinus lift procedures. Similar to a gum graft, we take bone material from one area and place it in a new area to stimulate bone growth.

What is a sinus lift?

During this procedure, we will move up part of your sinus membrane to make room for bone material that can support dental implants. We fill the open spot with bone material to stimulate new bone growth and increase the bone mass in that area.

How can a bone graft help me?

Dental implants need a certain level of bone mass in order to place them effectively and allow them to remain in your mouth. If you have been told you don’t have enough bone for implants, ask us if bone grafting can help you. Bone grafts are crucial to building up areas that have low bone mass and can make implant placement successful.

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