Relieving Dental Anxiety

 Dental anxiety can harm an otherwise healthy smile if you don’t seek treatment. At S&G Family Dentistry P.A, in Leawood, KS dentist, our caring team of dentists and staff work hard to make every visit comfortable and relaxing. We want to make sure you can get the care you need without any fear or concerns.

Is dental anxiety common?

An estimated 24 to 35 million people in the United States deal with dental fear. This large group of people are so afraid of going to the dentist that they will live in pain and let their oral health deteriorate before they will even think about going to the dentist.

What is the cause of dental anxiety?

The majority of people who suffer from dental anxiety say their dental fear stems from a painful past experience. This may be due to a cookie-cutter approach by some dentists when it comes to administering anesthetic, or it could also be from outdated methods that caused more pain than they were worth. Whatever the case, we understand your fear. At S&G Family Dentistry, Leawood, KS dentist your comfort and care are our primary concerns. Dr. Schopper and every staff member understands that you may not have the same level of pain tolerance as someone else with similar characteristics. We will treat you like the unique individual you are. If you say you are feeling something you shouldn’t, we’ll figure out how to make you more comfortable before we proceed. You will be safe in the hands of our caring professionals.

How can I manage my dental anxiety?

You can start by talking to someone about it. The best person to talk it through with is one of our dentists or hygienists. They will listen to your concerns and may be able to explain what the error in a past treatment was, or whether you had a painful procedure that is no longer in use at our office.

How can S&G Family Dentistry in Leawood, KS Dentist help?

Our staff does a wonderful job of pampering our patients, especially when they know that coming to the dentist is hard for them. We take notes of your concerns and preferences so that when you come back, we will know how to administer care, or that you want a blanket, a pillow, and the TV turned on. We are willing to do whatever we can to make your time here a pleasant experience.

Our team members are also personable and like to keep things light and positive. You won’t ever feel like you’re unwanted or judged at our office. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get a nice letter in the mail from us, or Starbucks coffee as our thank you for coming to our office!

What sedation options are available?

We offer two types of dental sedation. We have nitrous oxide and oral sedation available to help ease your nerves and get you comfortable before your procedure.

Don’t let dental fear steal your oral health. Call our Leawood, KS dentist office today at 913-945-1612 to schedule a stress-free appointment. You can also schedule your appointment using our online form.

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