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Smile Again Through the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry in Our Leawood, KS Office

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The restorative dentistry services of S&G Family Dentistry will give you back the smile you’ve been missing and the confidence that goes with it. Our team of dentists in our Leawood, KS office will use a variety of restorative techniques to:

  • Repair broken or damaged teeth
  • Restore your missing teeth
  • Improve your smile’s appearance and function
  • Eliminate mouth pain
  • Prevent further dental problems

Do you have questions about restoring your smile? We’ll be happy to answer them. Call us today at 913-945-1612 to make an appointment. Ask about our early morning hours!

Get a Beautiful, Healthy Smile With Restorative Dentistry at S&G Family Dentistry

Visit our clean, modern office in Leawood, KS, and we’ll outline the many benefits you can expect from repairing, restoring, or replacing your damaged teeth.

Our dentists will discuss various options available to you to restore your bright, healthy smile. These include:

Dental fillings – We use only tooth-colored composite fillings so that they blend in with your natural teeth. We never use old-fashioned silver fillings.

Dental crowns – A dental crown is placed over the top of your injured or diseased tooth to protect it from further damage. It will function as the biting surface for the tooth, so you can bite and chew pain-free.

Dental veneers – A veneer is a thin piece of tooth-colored material we use to repair minor chips and cracks and to restore your great smile.

Dental bridges – We can place a custom bridge to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth.

Root canal treatment – Our dentists can remove damaged pulp (material inside your tooth) with comfortable precision tools to eliminate pain and allow your tooth to remain in place.

Dental implants – Custom implants will replace your missing teeth and help you chew comfortably and smile confidently again.

Don’t wait to get back your healthy, beautiful smile. Call S&G Family Dentistry’s office in Leawood, KS today at 913-945-1612 to schedule your appointment. Be the newest member of the S&G family!

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