Tooth Fillings

If you have a cavity, under Restorative Dentistry, S&G Family Dentistry in Leawood, KS have tooth fillings that can restore the tooth, relieve any discomfort, and give your tooth the support it needs to chew with ease again.

What Is a Dental Filling?

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A dental filling is a restoration used to close a hole in your tooth. This hole compromises the structural integrity of your tooth and makes it weaker. Every time you bite into food, you are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your teeth. For teeth that have no structural defects, this is no problem. In fact, it is what teeth were designed to do. But compromised teeth are not up to the task of handling those biting forces. They are in danger of cracking, or even worse, breaking. A broken, severely decayed tooth will need to be capped with a dental crown, or if the damage is severe enough, you may even lose your tooth. A dental filling is a conservative way to repair your tooth and save it from more extensive dental work.

Why Would I Need a Dental Filling?

There are several reasons you may need a dental filling. Here are a few examples:

  • Tooth Decay – Tooth decay eats away at your tooth and leaves a void. Dr. Schopper in Leawood, KS needs to clear the decay out before it injures the nerve of your tooth or affects the other teeth around it. After she clears the decay, she will sanitize the tooth. Then, she will place a filling to make your tooth whole again, eliminating the risk of further decay or future injury.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Tooth decay that reaches the tooth nerve may damage it. To keep you safe from tooth loss, tooth infection, or further damage, we may perform a root canal to remove the damaged nerve and pulp. Dr. Schopper in Leawood, KS will make a small access point in your tooth and remove the damaged material. Then, she will sanitize the inside chamber of your tooth and insert a substance called gutta-percha to fill the tooth canal. Once the gutta-percha is in, the access point needs to be closed. That is where a tooth fillings are used. It will close off access to the inner chamber of your tooth and keep decay from working its way in again.

Dental Filling Materials

S&G Family Dentistry in Leawood, KS uses several types of material for our tooth fillings. The first is composite resin, also known as white fillings or tooth-colored fillings. The resin allows for a much more natural look in your mouth, as it can be colored to match the shade of the tooth it fills. Another discreet option is ceramic. Our indirect ceramic tooth fillings, also called inlays or onlays, are custom-made and provide both beauty and strength. We also use precious metals, such as gold, and semi-precious metals to fill cavities. These hard metals are good options for your back teeth, which need the added strength for chewing and aren’t easily seen in your smile. We will go through the pros and cons with you and help you decide which type of dental filling will work best for your situation.

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