Jerry J.

Jerry J.

I had a horrible, horrible smile. My teeth were awful and so after some orthodonture, after a few surgeries I ended up getting veneers put on these front teeth. I have a smile now that I’m proud of. Like Dr. Schopper likes to say, she gave me swagger. I didn’t have much of that before. I hid my smile. I didn’t smile a lot and when I did, I’d put my hand in front of my mouth and now I get compliments all the time. The process wasn’t that bad. I thought it was going to be pretty horrible but she kept me comfortable the whole time. I’ve had a lifetime of dentists. I’ve had a lot of dental problems and Dr. Schopper has been the one dentist that makes everything super comfortable, just the way she gives a shot to where you don’t even notice you’re getting it. She just makes me very comfortable.

I would say definitely make the call. Find a dentist that can work with you. There are several here and I just happen to use Dr. Schopper but I’ve seen Dr. Grosdidier at times when Dr. Schopper wasn’t available and he’s awesome too. There’s just a great lineup here so you can find somebody that will match your personality and somebody that will take care of you.

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