Kate V.

Kate V.

They are really great about teaching all of us as a family the best way to just brush our teeth. They let us know are we flossing the correct way. Just those simple things that you think you know you’re doing. Every time you come in they’re just going over those basics. Then they let you know if there are things you can improve for your oral health but they don’t do it in a way that’s embarrassing. It’s a way that the whole family can do it. We even talk with my youngest about how he can brush his teeth and he’s only three. Every night he says I’m gonna do it the dentist way. It’s really funny to watch him learning. I don’t have too many teeth problems but it’s nice to know that they catch things early. We’ll talk about are there any cavities for me or teeth to watch. Each time you come in they’re looking at those again and again so you know that they’re taking care of you each time. It’s not just a rush. Here’s patient number 34 and we’ll look at her teeth and then she’s gone and take her money.

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