Kevin B.

Kevin B.

While I was here, ended up finding out about the sleeping appliances. I was having issues where they had me on a CPAP machine and it was kind of hard using it at the fire station. They mentioned about this sleep appliance here and just told me about it and was like, “Man. It worked out great for me.”

They worked with me for my insurance. Made sure that my insurance covered it and just went above and beyond. Its a lot different from CPAP just because of the fact that it’s just a appliance that I put in my mouth, it pulls my bottom jaw forward, and keeps me from snoring which allows me to sleep better at night. It’s not cumbersome like the CPAP is. I can roll around. If I roll over I don’t have a cord choking me out in the middle of the night.

Also, I’ve been a Kansas City Missouri firemen for 19 years and when I get up in the middle of the night for a call, I don’t have to take all of this stuff off. All I have to do is just pop my sleep appliance out, put it in the holder, and it’s sitting there waiting for me when I come back. I don’t have to warm anything up or hook all of the hoses back up again. It’s just a lot easier to put in and take out when I’m going to those emergency runs in the middle of the night. I actually feel a lot more rested than I did with the CPAP machine. I was more worried about when I’d roll over I’d wake up because I’d feel the hose or something on my arm or on my chest or something and I don’t feel that with this.

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