Michelle K.

Michelle K.

I use an oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea, is why I see doctor Addy. Before I used a C-PAP machine that went over my face, so whenever I’d go out of town, I’d have to take this big piece of luggage with me. You’re the “special traveler” so you have to get extra time to get your equipment checked.

My oral appliance that I wear for sleep apnea is a little … It’s like a mouthpiece brace thingy, like sports players maybe wear. Fits in my pocket. How it’s helped me improve is that I don’t have to carry that when I travel, I don’t have to wear that big thing at night time when I sleep, it’s lots more comfortable, it doesn’t make any noise and it’s worked for me.

I think I’ve had it since 2011, zero problems, great sleep. I was having migraines from my sleep apnea, that’s all gone away. It’s almost like a miracle. C-PAP, I used to wake up in the morning and have this great big dent, gash across my face where it would go in and it wouldn’t disappear until about nine o’clock, so I would go to work with like … I think most people probably thought it was pillow or sheet indentions on my face. I’m sure they were like, “Did you just get out of bed?” I don’t have that with the oral appliance.

I can roll over. I’m a stomach sleeper so that was really something I had to get used to with the C-PAP machine. Very free, lots of freedom.

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