Nancy G.

Nancy G.

I’m a grinder, kind of like this. I was grinding away my top teeth, I mean they look like a snuggled teeth. We kept trying to bind things on there it didn’t work, and she said, “Well how about if, you know, you get these veneers, it’s a new thing.” I’ve have them for over 10 years. I get lots of compliments on my teeth, I mean they’re still pretty perfect. She fixed my teeth for me and they’ve been strong. Some people say, “Oh, those will fall off after 10 years.” They never have. I think that’s one reason, it keeps me young, looking young.

Lots of people are deathly afraid of dentist, did you know that? Or they don’t like their dentist, or their dentist hurts them, or they’re afraid, or they even have ads for sedated dentistry or whatever. I can honestly say that Lynn has never hurt me. Her dad was our dentist too. When we first moved to Kansas City I was in high school. She’s a little bit younger than I am, but I was in high school but her dad was our dentist, doctor George for years and years. She kind of came along with him and stuff so, as we’ve been with them for over 45 years.

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